Luxury beach house

The beach house is fully equipped to spend a relaxing day. There is electricity, (cold) water, sun beds, a wind screen, mini fridge and there is already a beach bag with beach towels ready in the suite.


The beach house is located on the beach of Paal 17, where you can visit all year round for a refreshing drink, tasteful dinner, and priceless view. Relax on the terrace of Paal 17 Aan Zee, let yourself be culinarily surprised at Paal 17 De Eerste Etage (reservation required), and enjoy the long summer evenings at Paal 17 Zomers during the warm months.

A special place

7 km from Den Burg is the famous beach at Paal 17. Paal 17 is the beach exit at Ecomare and is close to the seaside resort of De Koog. There is a lot to experience here all year round. It is a popular wedding location and home to various beach festivals including Sunbeats and the annual catamaran race around Texel.


I was co-owner of the two prize-winning pavilions, the shop and the beach houses until 2016. This beach remains a special place for me, which is why I would like to share it with my guests.